Jennings is Married

Every once in awhile, I’ll post something on the more personal side…This post is one.

This past weekend my only son got married to Miss Jessica Swallen. They are now Mr. & Mrs. Jennings Foster Smith Jr.  My wife and I couldn’t be more thrilled and blessed by God’s provision of a wife for our son.  I was honored to serve as his best man and stand beside Jennings as he vowed before God and many witnesses to love and cherish his bride until death part them.

The minister shared how important that phrase was “till death do us part.”  He mentioned that some people are replacing it with “Till love shall cease.”  Someone joked that if they were invited to that wedding they would give paper plates. 🙂 Love is something that ebbs and flows and is much more than a fleeting emotion.  I trust Jennings and Jessica will learn this lesson over the years to come. They are committed to each other and God.  Thankfully, He will help them in the days ahead.  My wife and I just celebrated 30 years…it’s a blessing to love someone that long. I pray all of my children experience that.

Hope everyone enjoys their week.

Jennings Foster Smith Jr. is now the owner of Reality Construction Custom Home Builder & Disaster Services.


3 thoughts on “Jennings is Married

  1. Congratulations to Jennings and Jessica! And congratulations to you on starting a blog! It’s a fun adventure and I hope you enjoy it. Keeping up to-date with our area is important to us and I’m glad that you will be keeping us in the “know.” It’s just a little extra peace of mind.

  2. Foster,
    You really go the extra mile for your clients. We love your blogspot and appreciate you keeping us current on the local markets. You are a very helpful realtor.

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