Summerville Town Council Puts forth Effort to Manage Growth

Since last May, talk has been occurring and several town councilmen were elected primarily on their desire to manage the incredible growth Summerville has seen.  In the Thursday, 9/13/07 edition of the Summerville Journal Scene the latest town council meeting was reviewed…

“Town Council gave initial approval to the “suspension of activity for new development…”
Brown said the motion was needed to facilitate responsible growth. The move gives council time to craft an appropriate Adequate Public Facilities Ordinance, he added. 

The ordinance, as read by Brown, says no approval of development more than 25 acres shall occur, but the law does have certain exemptions:

  • All homes covered under a development agreement, currently only the 1,200-unit Limehouse and the 209-unit I’on/Woodlands have one.
  • Builders who have filed conceptual or preliminary plans.
  • Houses destroyed in natural disasters or residences deemed unsafe.

Councilmen Ricky Waring and Bob Flowers voted against the ordinance. This ordinance will basically buy the council more time to devise what the best plan of action for Summerville will be.


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