Do you need an agent when you buy a new home in Summerville or Charleston?

New Home Construction

Should you use an agent when buying a new construction home in Summerville or the Charleston, SC area?

You may have thought… “What’s the benefit of having an outside agent when the new home salesperson onsite knows the home better than the Realtor?”  However, you should always have representation when you walk into a new home development site or talk to a new home salesperson.  For one reason, you will not receive any discounts or be charged any extra fees because you have your own realtor.  You are the only one that loses when you are not represented.  The new home salesperson is representing the Builder, and protecting their best interests.  The contracts, which are unique to their development are written in favor of the builders and you need your South Carolina realtor to go through the contract and advise you.  

Who works for you?

The salesperson onsite at a development will be extremely friendly and helpful, but don’t forget that they are employed and paid by the builder and their loyalty will go with them.  After the contract is signed, as questions come up and if problems occur, you will be grateful you have an agent who is solely looking out for you and making sure the builder is doing what he is supposed to do.  You can’t always expect that from an onsite agent who has moved on and is working with new clients.  Making sure you have a Realtor who is working for you, but paid by them (can’t beat that! J), is a must in the New home buying process.  Your Realtor should be experienced in the New Home Construction arena and know the ins and outs of the building process so he can help you make wise decisions.


Most people think that buying a new home is like buying something at Target…it is a fixed price, no room for negotiations.  However, in our buyer’s market this is not always true.  While the prices are often firm, incentives, upgrades and closings costs are all negotiation tools that your Realtor can wield in your favor.

Benefits to you…

When you buy on your own without representation equals ZERO.  When you purchase without a buyer’s agent, the savings go to the builder and are not passed on to you.  Your realtor’s job is not just about finding you your home, but successfully navigating you through the passages that will see it all the way to completion and see that your best interests are always honored.  Don’t make the mistake of trying to handle your new home purchase without representation. 

Please contact me if you have any questions for me about the process or would like to look at New Homes for Sale in Summerville and Charleston I ask that all of my clients allow me to come along or at a minimum allow me to pre-register you with the builder for your first visit if you would rather check things out the first time on your own. 


4 thoughts on “Do you need an agent when you buy a new home in Summerville or Charleston?

  1. When negotiating on behalf of my buyer-clients, I delve into certain data to assess how a particular home builder is negotiating with other buyers. When I’m armed with this data, it’s merely a starting point to get a better deal for my buyer. By extrapolating the details of a new home transaction, there is potentially thousands to be saved.

    Generally speaking, home builders protect realtor commissions for the sake of encouraging cooperation with Realtors; these professionals are a key part of providing exposure to theses builders’ new homes. Hence, a buyer would not save in this area.

    However, if a builder agreed to give a special discount because a home buyer opted not to be represented, one must ask an important question: Is the builder trying to save the buyer money or himself? Would a good buyer’s agent expose something adverse that an unsuspecting buyer would simply be unaware of?

    The pros of using a true buyer’s agent for a new home purchase are innumerable; notice that I said true buyer’s agent. I am a speaking about someone who is versed on new home and new construction matters. While I agree that you don’t need an incompetent agent to buy a new home, I would, however, disagree that you don’t need a qualified buyer’s agent to maximize one’s purchase.

    One can research the home buying process to a great extent and still miss many beneficial opportunities to save; only experience can extrapolate these opportunities on behalf of the buyer.

  2. For a buyer, you might pay a little more if you fall in love with the house you find. That isn’t to say that you should just buy anything that you can get a good deal on because more than likely, if you put an offer on a home, you probably like the house a lot. But if you just have to have that house, in fact, if you can’t live without that house, you just might have to pay a little more because you may not want to lose it rather than pay a few more dollars.

  3. All new construction is built to Energy Star standards which include energy-efficient building techniques and features such as more effective insulation, high-performance windows, tight construction, more efficient heating and cooling equipment, and Energy Star rated lighting fixtures and appliances

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