Scarecrows on The Town Square of Summerville

View Upcoming 2011 Fall Events in Summerville.

One of the centerpieces of Summerville is the downtown area.  Filled with small charming stores and restaurants, it is a favorite place the locals frequent.   The town square is among the best places to sit and watch life go by and enjoy a coffee with friends.  The town square of Summerville is seasonally “dressed up” by the town.  At Christmas time, the trees are filled with lights and in the fall, “Scarecrows on the Square” is sponsored by the Junior Service League.

Here are a few shots from this years festivities…

hpim1100.jpg  hpim1105.jpg One of the best grocery stores in the area, Publix.  My wife loves their great variety and selection!

Scarecrows on the Sqaure   hpim1108.jpg   One of the local dentists dressed up their scarecrow to look like the tooth fairy.

hpim1106.jpg   hpim1107.jpg Pinewood Prep, one of Summerville’s finest private schools always puts together a fun display.

The kids love going through the square and seeing all of the displays.  It’s just another part of enjoying life in Summerville. 🙂


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