Happy Thanksgiving!

As I’ve said before, every once in a while, the blogs will be on the personal side….This is one of those and forgive me that this post is a bit late…I wrote it last week…

It’s the day before Thanksgiving and I am grateful beyond words.  God gave an unexpected surprise and blessing to my family this year for the Holiday. 🙂

My youngest daughter has been on the mission field for the past year and a half.  Granted, she’s not overseas, but she travels all over the country.  She didn’t have enough of a breather for Thanksgiving to warrant coming all the way home, so we all resigned ourselves to the fact that this Thanksgiving we would be missing her.

However, on Monday night, around 10pm my daughter in law and son walk in the door with my daughter!! Complete shock and surprise was the order of the night. Lots of laughing and telling stories of God’s provision, direction and the tale that led her home for the holidays.   It was a great night.  We have her home until Friday, so we are trying to get in all of the fun things and traditions we have….

Holidays are definitely a time to step back and give thanks for all of the good gifts in our lives.  I’m off to enjoy the family…I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving full of delicious food, fun times with family and giving thanks.

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