Discounts & Coupons for Military Families Relocating to Charleston

The month of May is a time to honor our military.  On Memorial Day, we honor those who have served our country and have given their lives to ensure the safety and peace we enjoy in America.  I am extremely grateful for those serving our country both here and abroad.  My family knows many that are separated from their families and sacrificing so much to serve all of us in America.  I know it is not Memorial’s Day yet, but it is never too early to say “Thank You” for loving our country and serving so valiantly.

In the city of Charleston, we enjoy the presence of our military through the Charleston Air Force Base and the Charleston Naval Weapons Station.  I am extremely grateful for their involvement in our community and have been able to help many of the people that serve in our military relocate and find homes for their families in our area.  I have partnered with to provide a special discount and offer to those military families that relocate to Charleston.  MilitaryAvenue is a wonderful website for relocating military families which helps them find recommended and reputable professionals in the new areas they are relocating as individulas or their families.

For those of you that are in the military and moving to the Charleston area, or those of you that now friends that are moving into the area with the military, make sure they now about  the links I have on my site to help them make the transition:

Resources for our Military 

Coupon for Two Free Nights ( Up to $160 Value) Stay in Summerville

2 thoughts on “Discounts & Coupons for Military Families Relocating to Charleston

  1. Summerville is probably among your best choices locally. They currently have the school district with the highest reputation. You can still find many places in the Summerville area with the rural/quiet feel, and be well within 40 minutes to the base. You’d also be within 20 minutes to local rivers/boating/fishing, and under 40 minutes to the ocean and beaches.

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