St. Paul’s Tea Room & Gift Shop-Now Serving Lunch!

For the fifth year, St. Paul’s is hosting its wonderful Tea Room & Gift Shop.  My wife and I really enjoy this community offering and wind up going multiple times during its run. If you come, you will probably run into us.   It’s fantastic!

For those of you that are new to the Tea Room, it is an annual function, hosted by St. Paul’s members for the community. For ten days, our main gathering hall, Doar Hall is transformed into a cafe and tea room and everyone sits and enjoys great food. All of the proceeds go directly to Outreach programs. Local programs that receive funds from the Tea Room & Gift Shop include Habitat for Humanity, Meals on Wheels, HELP of Summerville, St. John’s Mission, My Sisters’ House and Medical Outreach Ministry Clinic.

St. Paul’s members have worked tirelessly to transform their largest gathering space, Doar Hall, into a delightful café during the 11 days the Tea Room is open.

Location: St. Pauls, Doar Hall, 316 W. Carolina Ave, Summerville, SC

Date: March 16-27, 2009 (Open every day except Sunday)

Hours: 11:30 am-2pm

Menu:Click Here to preview the Menu-including my annual favorite, the St. Paul’s Specialty…tomato pie.

Take Out: Call 873-1991 after 9 a.m. to place orders or to get more information. 

Reservations Needed: They request that groups larger than 8 make a reservation, but other than that, just plan to arrive and enjoy. It is such a great setting with the courtyard and surroundings you won’t mind a little wait.


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