Flowertown Festival & Sunset Serenade at The Ponds

azalea-parkThis weekend marks one of my favorite of the year-the Flowertown Festival 2009!  When my children were young, my wife and I would walk them all down to the Festival together and go on the rides, get a hamburger at the Kiwanis booth, and take in all the arts and crafts and performing artists.  At the end of the day, we had four exhausted, but happy children on our hands!

As they got older, everyone went on their own schedule, but we’d all meet back to grab a Kiwanis burger together at noon.  Fun memories.  Now, two are married, one freshly graduated from college, and one still in college.

This year will be a very special festival because my second born daughter, Irene Rose, is performing at the Flowertown Festival!  She’ll be singing at the Taste of Summerville on April 4th from 11-12:30pm.  My third daughter, Lydia will be with her playing as well.  If you get a chance, stop by and say hello!

Irene Rose SmithThe Flowertown Festival welcomes more than 200 artists and crafters from all over the country , as well as live entertainment (My daughter on Saturday!) , a Children’s Jubilee, and a tennis tournament.   Fun, Food and Fellowship await you!  See you at the Festival.


Date & Time:

Friday, April 3 9am-5pm

Saturday, April 4th, 9am-5pm

Sunday, April 5th,  9am-4pm

This year another special tradition is going to be begun.  The Sunset Serenade at the Ponds.  On Saturday, April 4th from 6-9pm the Summerville Orchestra will perform Hollywood movie music.  In addition their will be a beautiful fireworks finale.  Admission is FREE! See The Ponds Homes for Sale.


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