Foreclosures For Sale -Summerville SC & Charleston SC Areas

Looking for Foreclosures for sale in Charleston and Summerville? Wanting to find a great deal on your next home? Click Here  for a complete list of foreclosures for sale in the Greater Summerville and Charleston area.  If you are planning to look into a foreclosure, here are some tips I’d like to share.

  1. Budget carefully  Just because it has a low price, doesn’t mean it is the perfect deal.  Evaluate your finances and make sure you have money for not only the down payment and mortgage payment, but also for any repairs.  If you are planning to rehab and rent it, can you afford to not have a tenant for while? Make sure you have thought through your entire budget.
  2. How Long Has the House been Vacant? If the home has set vacant for a long time, watch for damages in the house such as the plumbing seals, bugs, sinks, toilets and washer drains.
  3. Get a Private Inspection These are usually required, but even if not, make sure you have one professionally done to make sure you are aware of all issues the house may have and prevent future damage.


Please contact me if any of the foreclosures look promising to you or you would like more information please contact me at


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