Real Estate Market Conditions for Summerville & Charleston, SC – May 2012

Video Recap: If you don’t have time to watch the video here are the bulletin points!

Charleston Real Estate:

  • Boeing rolled out the Boeing 787 Dreamliner this month. Boeing is a huge stablilizer for the Charleston economy & market. This is great news.
  • 6,650 houses are active on the market in the Greater Charleston area.  This compares to 12,000 only  2 years ago.
  • 2699 houses are under contract in Charleston
  • 4083 have sold in the last six months.

Summerville Real Estate

  • Summerville has 924 homes for sale.
  • 733 have sold in last six months in Summerville and 498 are under contract in Summerville.

Other Charleston & Summerville Real Estate News:

  • Investors are coming out of the woodwork looking for deals. Investors perceive that the bottom has happened and market is rising.
  • Where has it not changed? The top still has 20-24 months of inventory. Expensive houses are still sitting.

Interested in past months Charleston Market Condition Videos you can view them all here.




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