Homes for Sale in The Ponds – Summerville, SC

Homes for Sale in the Ponds The Ponds is a stunning development in Summerville, SC under the direction of Greenwood Development.     The Ponds is built on a beautiful part of Summerville with 1100 acres of undisturbed preserve surrounding the homes. The amenities at the Ponds are geared to make living in the Ponds a wonderful experience. The Ponds donated the land for the Summerville YMCA to build a state of the art facility within the Ponds which is now open. The Historic Farmhouse is the main amenity facility in the Ponds and is surrounded by five other buildings: the picnic pavilion, two pool buildings, a storage shed and a sales resource center cottage. The Ponds Amphitheater overlooks the 20 acre lake and is the scene of many family concerts and events for residents and the Summerville area. Hiking and walking trails as well as paved sidewalks, and parks meander all throughout the Ponds giving children places to play and families to gather and enjoy nature.   View Homes for Sale in The Ponds


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