Tips for Renting in Summerville, SC

Renting in Summerville, SC is a good option for many families and can be helpful for acclimating to the area before purchasing a home. Being a landlord myself, as well as a property manager and realtor, I have first hand experience with tenants, leases, and the rental property scene.  Over the years, and especially in this economic climate, these are the tips I would recommend to anyone looking to rent or sign a lease.

1.The first thing I would check is the cooperation that you can expect from the landlord. When problems arise, will he be responsive and fix it in a timely manner? Who takes care of the repairs? Does he do it himself or does he have a maintenance crew set up to respond to problems? Ask these type of questions.

2.In the current economic climate, it would be important to know the financial status of the owner.Is he current on HIS mortgage? Three months from now will you get a notice that the house has been foreclosed and you have 30 days or less to move? Don’t be afraid of causing offense. Ask!

3. Obviously, you should read the lease agreement and understand the terms. Or use a realtor that can explain things clearly for you.

4.In some situations, you should first recheck with a mortgage broker to see if you qualify to buy a house instead of renting. This is the time to buy in our market if you qualify. The prices are extremely low and the interest rates are historically low.

To talk more, call me at 1-843-974-6029, email or visit

Happy House Hunting and renting in Summerville!

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