Summerville Living is the Finest!

I have always considered being raised and living in Summerville, SC as a great gift.  This was a gift I wanted to give to my children as well which is why my wife and I decided to raise our 4 children in the downtown area of Summerville.  It’s always nice to have an outside source confirm what you already know…

“The (CNN) Money rankings picked the best places to retire based upon cost of living, low crime, major nearby medical centers, and services for seniors.

Summerville shared the “small town” subcategory with Aberdeen, S.D.; Prescott, Ariz.; Fort Payne, Ala; Danville, Ky; and Ottawa, Kan.

It’s the latest in a long list of ranking stories produced by Money and other publications, listing the wealthiest towns, the sexiest beach towns, and so on. Just over a week ago, Charleston was named the top travel destination on the planet by readers of Conde Nast Traveler.

“People have been to Charleston, but they can live for half the price in Summerville,” said Patrick Mason, co-founder of the Center for Carolina Living. “It’s a value proposition.”

CNN Money also mentioned affordability and proximity to Charleston, in the four paragraphs it devoted to Summerville.

“Today Summerville offers much of the history and charm of nearby Charleston but in a smaller, more affordable setting,” the story said.

Results from the 2010 census showed that Summerville grew fastest among South Carolina’s large and medium-size municipalities. The town added 15,640 residents from 2000 to 2010, a 56 percent increase that raised the population to 43,392.” Taken from The Post & Courier.

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