The Lowcountry Singing Christmas Tree in Summerville, SC

Have you ever been to see the Lowcountry Singing Christmas Tree in Summerville, SC?  It is this weekend at Summerville Baptist Church in Downtown Summerville. If you have never enjoyed The Lowcountry Singing Christmas Tree or are new to the area, let me encourage you to take your family, especially your children, and go see it. To see more Christmas Events in Summerville, SC 2014 hop over to this Christmas in Summerville Post!

Lowcountry Singing Christmas Tree
This was one of my family’s favorite traditions when my children were younger.  At that time, you were not required to purchase tickets , but you still had to secure tickets from the office so that they would have enough seating when the night came.  Most years, my mother, Annabel Smith, would take that job upon herself and go to Summerville Baptist and gather them for all her grandkids.  The whole family would dress up in holiday garb and drive the three blocks to park at the church.  Being the dad, I would drop off my mother, my wife and whichever kids were with us (usually all four) at the front door to stand in line to get in.  I would then voyage to the “back 40” to get a parking spot and then walk back to the front of the church.  All of this was well worth it for the amazing gift my family received every year at the Lowcountry Singing Christmas Tree.

Lowcountry Singing Christmas Tree

We would enter the beautifully decorated sanctuary and find a seat. The live orchestra was usually warming up and my children would whisper and smile and wave at those they knew in the band.  The lights would go down and we were transported back to Jerusalem and the night of Christ’s birth.  For an hour or two we were blessed by magnificent music, beautiful dancing, touching Christmas scenes and (my favorite) Handel’s Hallelujah chorus.  Now my children are grown and some have started their own families.  My youngest grandson, Jennings Foster Smith III, is only 5 months…we’ll give him a few years before we introduce him to the tradition of the Lowcountry Singing Christmas Tree in downtown Summerville.

Lowcountry Singing Christmas Tree

Have a blessed Christmas everyone!


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