Summerville, SC Spring Market Update

Summerville, SC Spring Market Update

Summerville Real Estate has taken off!  We are seeing an 18.7 % increase in sales from the number of homes sold in Charleston & Summerville, SC compared to this time last year.  The last time we have seen the volume of homes being sold in the Charleston/Berkeley/Dorchester County area was back in 2008.

Inventory in Charleston is declining, and in turn, causing demand and  to go up and Charleston home sales to rise.  Another exciting tidbit of news for the Summerville area was announced a little while ago.  Summerville was given the award for “Best Places to Retire in the US” by CNN Money.  Summerville was in the top 25 “Places to retire” in the country.   This along with the desirability of the Charleston, SC area are causing our Summerville Spring market to be as hot as we’ve seen it in 6 or 7 years.

If you are considering selling your Summerville home, it may be the time to move. Call me and we can discuss whether now is the right time.  If you talk to my past clients, they will tell you I will give you an honest assesment of your home and whether or not your financial situation indicates a move is wise.

We have been able to sell and close the following homes for our clients and to our buyers in the last 30 days.

Home Sold in Summerville, SC

Home Sold in Summerville, SC

Home Sold in Summerville, SC

Home Sold in Summerville, SC

Home Sold in Summerville, SC

Vacant Land Sold near Summerville, SC

Homes Sold in Summerville, SC


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