Things to do with Children in Summerville -Middleton Gardens

Middleton Place - Summerville SCIf you are moving to Summerville, SC, Middleton Gardens is something to get very excited about!   When my children were young, this was one of their favorite places to visit and take a picnic.    Between the sheep roaming the grounds, the gorgeous peacock in the live stable yard, and the skilled artisans at work, we all felt like we had stepped back in time.

Middleton Place - Summerville SC

Living in Summerville, South Carolina has many perks: beautiful weather, proximity to the ocean, gorgeous scenery, but the history of Summerville and the land that surrounds it is really an under appreciated perk!  Whenever I sell a home for sale in Summerville, SC or talk to people about Summerville, SC real estate, I make sure they know about this aspect of living in the Charleston area.

Middleton Place - Summerville SC

Middleton Place is one of these historic landmarks that I am talking about.  It is home to America’s oldest Landscaped Gardens and there is something blooming, literally all year round!  The home on the grounds of Middleton was built in 1755 and has a museum with historic antiquities on display.  Something my kids thought was really interesting when they were studying the Revolutionary War was the fact that Middleton was the birthplace of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence!


Middleton Place - Summerville SCHistory aside, I hope your children will enjoy something mine always did….the huge hill that ended at the Butterfly Lakes.  (Two identical lakes that look like butterfly wings.)  The races would go on forever, rolling, running, skipping all happened with great excitement from my four kiddos.

Butterfly Lakes at Middleton Gardens

If you have just moved to Summerville, or are planning to move to Summerville, SC make sure you put Middleton Gardens on your to-do list.   With something blooming all year, you are sure to enjoy a great time!

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