Vacant Land for Sale in Summerville SC

Vacant Land in SummervilleLots for sale and Vacant Land in Summerville start around $8,000 and have an average price around $200,000. However, you can find vacant land for sale in Summerville, SC that is valued all the way to 4 million.

If you are looking for a lot to build your  custom home with your preferred builder, you will find the average lot sized around 1/2 acre.  However, this varies greatly based on whether your lot is located in a development such as The PondsThe SummitPine Forest Country Club, or Legend Oaks Plantation or in a rural area of Summerville, SC.  You will also pay more if your land has extra features such as a pond view.

If you are looking for a piece of vacant land for sale in Summerville, SC for commercial use, there are a number of options as well.  Much of this vacant land is already zoned for commercial use and is located in  high traffic areas such as Main Street, 17-A, Trolley Road or Bacons Bridge.  These types of property will be valued higher than residential lots for obvious reasons.

Another reason people buy vacant land for sale in Summerville, or rather near Summerville, SC is for recreational purposes.  Hunting, fishing and horse riding are all popular pastimes in the Lowcountry of South Carolina!   Many desire to own their own land to retreat to for hunting, picnicking or a Sunday afternoon horse ride.    To meet these needs, you will want to look for pieces of land for sale with acreage.  Much of this land is located in Berkeley County on the outskirts of Summerville in Ridgeville or Jedburg.

To view all of the vacant land for Sale in and around Summerville, SC, Dorchester County and Berkeley County visit


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