5 Tips When Selling Your Summerville SC Home in the Winter

Summerville SC Real EstateToday is the first official day of Winter, so I thought a post about selling your Summerville home  in the winter would be fitting!  Granted, the temperature was 78 degrees today, it is still officially winter.

Living in Summerville, SC has a lot of benefits; short, warm(er) winters is definitely one of them!  However, it is a slower time of the year for real estate, so here are my five top tips as your Summerville Realtor for selling your home in Summerville this winter…

  1. Trim Up the Yard
    1. Most of your yards still look beautiful in the winter due to something blooming most of the year, however make sure you rake up  any  leaves on the ground.
    2. Trim your yard and make sure it looks well taken care of. Consider potted plants on your front porch or entryway.  Warm and Inviting is the goal!
  2. Remove Clutter
    1. Less is truly more when decorating for Christmas if your house is on the market. Too many decorations cause the home to feel cluttered. Leave your blow up yard ornaments in the garage this year.
  3. Price it Right
    1. No matter when you are selling, if it is priced right, it will sell.
    2. Pay attention to your market and what is happening in the area and listen to your Summerville SC Realtor.
  4. Light & Heat
    1. Light is still at a premium in Summerville during the winter months, even if we are enjoying warmth.  Open your blinds, push back the drapes and turn on the lights.
    2. Turn off the TV during showings, brighten dark areas by placing extra lighting in those areas.
    3. If we are having a chilly day (it does happen), make sure your home is cozy and warm. Place logs in the fireplace to create ambience.
  5. Make Your Home Sparkle
    1. Use the winter as a chance to clean your air filters and make sure your home does not have any lingering smells, especially animal smells. These can turn off buyers very quickly!
    2. In the winter, the days can feel drearier, so make sure your home is bright and clean. Get your windows professionally cleaned if possible. A clean window makes a room look brighter and sunnier when the sun is shining.
    3. Don’t go overboard with scents as some people are allergic or sensitive to smells. Your goal should be a clean/fresh smell.  Baking bread or cookies always makes a great smell in the home.  Another idea is simmering a pot of cider or cinnamon sticks on top of the stove.

While winter may not seem like the best time of year to sell a home, it will bring in dedicated serious buyers. Consider the fact that buyers out looking are usually more serious about making a purchase. There are fewer homes to look at during the winter months, so you will stand out more easily.  Also, wintertime buyers that want to make a decision quickly will be happy to buy a home that is priced right and well taken care of.  Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss selling your Summerville home!


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