Homes Sold in Summerville, SC

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July was a great month of home sales in Summerville, SC!  My clients bought this beautiful historic home in Summerville.  With gorgeous hardwood pine floors, soaring ceilings and beautiful wood work throughout, this home is one of Summerville’s fine historic homes.   When I was a boy, this home was owned by my cousins and I grew up playing there.  As a result, it was exciting to see my clients find and love this home.

When you are ready to buy or sell Summerville SC real estate, let me put my experience in this real estate market to work for you…I have lived in Summerville for the greater part of my life and would love to help you with your Summerville SC residential real estate needs!
For a complete list of available Summerville SC real estate, visit Homes of Summerville SC or call me at (843) 974-6029 so we can discuss your housing needs.

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