Pros & Cons of Owning A Townhome in Summerville, SC

If you are thinking about investing in a townhome for sale in Summerville, SC you need to weigh the pros and cons of living in a townhome.

Pros of Townhome Living:

Townhome for Sale in Summerville, SC

Townhomes for Sale in Summerville, SC

    • Less Exterior maintenanceIf you are looking for very little yard to maintain, townhomes usually are built on very small lots. In addition, the siding on your home is only on the front and back of home. This makes it easier on the pocket-book when it comes time to power-wash, repair, or paint your townhome.


    • Safety is stronger –When you live in a townhome, your neighbors are (extremely) close by.  As a result, they are usually aware of what is happening around them. This makes burglaries very rare. It is also easier to leave for extended vacations, knowing that others will be close and can keep an eye on your home.


    • Amenities-With townhome living you are able to enjoy the amenities of a community such as the pool, tennis, and fitness center without owning one of the higher end homes.


    • Cost- On average, you will receive more square footage for your money when you purchase a townhouse.


Cons of Townhome Living:

    • Lack of Privacy- Because of the close proximity of the townhomes, you are more likely to be disturbed by neighbor noise, although the newer townhomes have had thick firewalls put in them to diminish noise, it is something to consider.


    • Home Owner Association Fees- Make sure these are not too high for your budget. They can quickly rise and cause your monthly payment to exceed your means when you live in a townhome.


    • Appreciation Historically, appreciation on town homes has not been as great as on single family dwellings. Make sure you are advised by a great Summerville realtor on where to invest.


    • Entertaining – Parties are harder to throw when you live in a townhome, especially outdoor barbeques and the like.  Parking spaces are also harder to come by when you live in a townhome community.


    • Making Changes to your Home- When you live in a home, you have the ability to make changes over time. You can add on tot he house, put up a play area, build a shed, put in a pool etc. With a townhome, these are simply not options you can entertain.


These are the things I have learned and experienced over the years of selling single family homes and townhomes to my clients.  Give me a call or email me to discuss what type of Summerville home will be the best fit for you.  Remember when you are new in town, you need to work with someone who is not!


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