Five Steps to Buying a Summerville SC Home

Buying a Home in Summerville, SC

Five Steps to Buying A Summerville Home

Get Pre-Qualified to buy a home

  • Meet with a Mortgage Banker
  • Save for a Down Payment (10-20% of purchase price)
  • If you own a home, place it on the market with a qualified Summerville realtor.

Find a Realtor

  • Ask for Referrals from friends, family and work acquaintances.
  • Check the Realtor’s online presence & reviews on the web.
  • Explain your needs & timeline to the realtor you choose and let them go to work for you.  They should set up custom searches and keep their ears and eyes open for Summerville houses that will work for your situation.

Find a Summerville Property

Make an Offer

  • Once you have found your favorite home, don’t wait to long before you place an offer.  Remember good houses go quickly in this Summerville market.
  • Work with your Realtor to write a contract.
  • Rely on neighborhood comps and your Realtor’s expertise to place a competitive bid.
  • Keep your credit score stable throughout the process.

Close on Your House

  • Conduct Home Inspection-negotiate repairs with sellers
  • Secure Mortgage
  • Obtain Homeowner’s Insurance
  • Review HUD Statement with realtor prior to closing
  • Set up utility bills in your name
  • Sign the closing papers and start enjoying your new home!

If you are interested in buying a Summerville, SC Home, please Contact Me and I will help you get started on these steps!





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