What to Do before You List Your Home for Sale

What to do before you list your Summerville Home

The time has come to sell your Summerville home and you are ready to meet with my team to discuss your home.

(If you are still researching me, please take a look at my team, website and what I do for sellers and call me. )

Here is my “What to do before You List Your Home”

  1. Establish the Why?

      • Make sure you (or you and your spouse) have and agree on your reason for moving. It could be a job, financial, need more room, need less room, schools, etc. There are a variety of reasons people move. It will help me, help you, if you can share those with me. We can then make sure you make the right decisions for your home.


  2. Call My Office.

      • Call my office at 843-974-6029 and set up an appointment to meet with me.


  3. Don’t do This.

      • Don’t go to great lengths preparing the house prior to meeting with me. There are two mistakes people make concerning this: spending way too much time and effort getting the house “perfect” before listing it. The other extreme is not getting it reasonably ready to sell. This is where I will be able to help you strike the proper balance.


If you are a home seller still investigating and would like to discuss your Summerville Home and what it is worth in our market today, please e-mail me for more information or fill out this form to find out what your home is worth.


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