6 Rules to Remember when Buying in a 55+ Community

55+ Communities near Charleston, SCBuying your last home is very different from buying your first home! Make sure you remember these 6 rules when you are buying a home in a 55+ Community near Charleston, SC.

  1. Get to know the Neighbors The 55+ Community in Summerville that you move into will be home to some of your soon to be best friends. Your fellow residents will be who you meet for bocce ball and a swim in the pool. See if you can attend a social function ahead of time and mingle a bit. Many communities have things going all of the time and offer open houses as well. Attend!
  2. Check out the medical care. Close proximity to the Summerville Medical Center, Trident Hospital and MUSC are all things to consider when you decide on the 55 and older community near Charleston that will be the best fit for you. Some communities may have concierge medical services. These are good questions to ask your Summerville Realtor.
  3. Consider Timing to get the best price. The temperature and condition of the real estate market in Summerville is always something to consider…is it a seller’s market or a buyer’s market? If it is a seller’s market (which it is right now in Summerville) you might not have the luxury of time before a retirement community is sold out. However, July and August are usually good times to buy real estate in Summerville, SC. The weather gets hotter and you can sometimes gain negotiating power as sellers become nervous about the spring market closing. If you like the pricing but you still have a few years before you are ready for the move, think about buying the home and renting to another retiree.
  4. Explore “membership.” Full-service communities frequently offer specific club membership requirements and options. Some 55+ communities near Charleston also charge annual dues and a food and beverage minimum. This is all par for the course, but make sure you know these things prior to signing so you aren’t unpleasantly surprised. This is where your Summerville realtor comes in and helps you navigate the questions. Read more about requirements for each 55+ Community near Charleston here.
  5. Check the activity calendar. First of all, is there one? Some of the Summerville 55+ Communities have a social director and activity calendar where others are not as structured. What fits your life and style? Read more about each 55+ Community near Charleston here.
  6. Research the restrictions. Rental and resale restrictions are common in gated communities. However, taking a look at the covenants and restrictions is important. You may not be able to put up that fence or park a third car in your driveway!

55 and Older Communities Near Charleston, SCPeople have wanted to retire in the Charleston & Summerville area dating back to the 1800’s. It may be that one of the seven new 55+ Communities near Charleston might fit your lifestyle and retirement needs.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in a home for sale in a 55+ Community near Charleston, SC. I will be happy to help you learn about the Summerville/Charleston area and help you acclimate to each of the communities available in our great area.


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