5 Quick Ways to Make Your House Smell Like Spring!

5 Quick Ways to Make Your House Smell Like Spring

At the beginning of March, all of our flowers were in full bloom in the town of Summerville and as a result we have entered full Spring mode in the South! In like manner, the Spring market started early and real estate for sale in Summerville SC is selling quickly.

As I have been showing multiple houses to clients recently, I am reminded again of the importance of how your home smells. Without a doubt, a fresh smell when you enter a house will help it to sell more quickly.  However, you don’t want your home to smell like a chemical or an air freshener.  When this happens, people wonder if you are trying to cover up an unpleasant smell. Fresh and clean is the impression you want buyers to have when they are in your home. Even if you are not selling your Summerville home, these are five quick ways to make your house smell like Spring!

  1. Java Delight
    • Place small jars of coffee grounds in smellier places of your house, like the back hall, shoe corner, kitchen etc.  The coffee will help remove odors from the air and give a faint smell of a cup of coffee.
  2. Stove Top Simmer
    • Keeping something simmering in  some water on the stove is an excellent way to release a subtle aroma throughout your main level. A good formula is one part ingredients to three parts water…as your water evaporates, just keep adding more. If you aren’t going to be home, put it all in your slow cooker! Use your favorite fruit slices, herbs and spices.
    • Good Combos:
      1. Cinnamon Sticks & Cloves
      2. Rosemary Sprigs & Lemon
      3. Cut Fir Branches
      4. Oranges & Cloves
  3. Essential Oils
    • There are a variety of options out there but these are a great way to add a fresh smell to your home as well! This can be pricier depending on what essential oils you use, but definitely easy to use if you have a diffuser. Put them in and set it to go intermittently and you will have hours of fresh smell in your home.
  4. White Vinegar
    • White Vinegar is a reliable disinfectant and cleaning agent and…it absorbs smells! With a cheaper price tag than most of your other options, it is a winner.  You can use the vinegar as you would the coffee grinds if you have more stubborn odors.
  5. Baking Soda
    • Along with white vinegar, Baking Soda is a superb cleaning agent and terrific odor absorber. Like the coffee, leave a bowl in your odorous places and let the baking soda do its magic. Change it out every few weeks.  You can also sprinkle on your carpets, leave for 10 minutes and then vacuum up.

So if you are selling your Summerville home, remember these five things to help your home smell like spring.  Even if you are not selling,  you can still use these five quick ways to make your house smell like Spring.  Of course, my absolute favorite when the weather is warm….Open Your Windows!!

If you are a home seller and would like to discuss your Summerville Home and what it is worth in our market today, please e-mail me for more information or fill out this form.


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