Four Things to Know When House Shopping Online

Homes for Sale in Summerville, SC

When people begin their search for a new home, it often begins online.  Here are four things to know when house shopping online!

  1. Images Look Bigger
    • Online: A Wide angle lens makes small rooms look much larger than they are in reality.  A good photographer’s job is to put each home for sale in Summerville and each  room in the best light and make it look as appealing as possible. With wide angle lenses and photo editing, this is easier than ever.
    • In Person: That massive living room could look quite dwarfed and smaller than expected. Checking the room dimensions against your current house or your furniture will help put it in perspective.
  2. You Only See THAT House
    • Online: You can easily fall in love with a beautiful house that has been staged wonderfully and is very attractive. It looks like your dream home has gone up for sale in Summerville!
    • In Person: Your dream home might back up to a highway, or a not so desirable area. Make sure you spend a few hours in the area you are planning to buy and that your Summerville realtor advises you of the crime in the area.
  3. Looks Clean & Sparkly
    • Online: Pictures do not always accurately portray a home’s cleanliness or the condition of the baseboards and blinds. When sellers know pictures are going to be taken they scrub and get everything in their Summerville home for sale in tip top shape. However, this is not always how a home is maintained.
    • In Person: “In home” showings give a more accurate portrayal of how a house is maintained while it is lived in and will give you a better clue if this is a homeowner who cleaned the air filters regularly and paid attention to maintenance issues.
  4. No Smell
    • Online: Obviously, you can’t smell anything from behind your computer screen and that home for sale in Summerville smells great from where you sit!
    • In Person: You will notice pet odors, mold, or smoke immediately when you walk into a home. It is very difficult to look past those smells and see the house.

When you are shopping for your next home for sale in Summerville, it is wonderful to get a head start and start shopping for Summerville homes online. I highly encourage my clients to use to start their search. However, keep in mind, that meeting with me and getting a good lay of the land and knowledge of the homes in person is essential to the home buying process. Remembering the four things to know when house shopping online will help you avoid untold disappointment!

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in buying a home in Summervillenew home in Summerville , a historic home in Summerville or selling your Summerville home.


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