How to Sell Your Summerville Home with Less Stress

Selling Home in Summerville, SCOn the stress meter, moving is right next to dying, so it is a stressful process for most people when they go to sell their Summerville home! However, there are ways to have your home on the market and show it with less stress versus more. It is always going to be inconvenient to sell your home, but being prepared helps!

Be Ready for Showings in 10 mins:

  • One family living in a 1250 square-foot house with six children had a real challenge to keep the house “show ready.” Their house showed 31 times before it sold and everyone’s feedback was that the house was neat as a pin!  I quizzed them afterwards to find out what they did to keep the house so picked up and clean.
  • They treated the showings almost like a fire drill. Each child had a responsibility and kept their end of the bargain. When the showing was scheduled or the car would come in everyone would mobilize and go into show mode. Beds were made, clothes put away, vacuuming accomplished, candles lit, and  lights turned on everywhere.Homes for Sale in Summerville, SC


  • For those with too much stuff, I suggest getting a storage unit. De-clutter the house and the closets, box up everything unnecessary and put it in a storage unit while you are selling the home. This makes the house easier to keep neat and makes the house look bigger and better. When storage units aren’t necessary I suggest getting large plastic storage bins and placing them in the garage during the showings. Get ready to scramble around the house loading up toys if you have small children and toss them in the bins and then out in the garage for showings.

Inviting Kitchen:

  • Store unused kitchen appliances out of sight. Clear the counters and open the windows (if warm).

If you really want to move your Summerville home quickly and have the smallest amount of showings and least amount of stress, price the house just below market. This strategy will cut down on your length of time and number of showings because your home will go under contract quickly. The mortgage stops, the taxes stop and your move gets accomplished in a reasonable amount of time.

If you are a home seller and would like to discuss selling your Summerville Home and what it is worth in our market today, please e-mail me  for more information or fill out this form.


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