Just the Stats: What Happened Last Month in Real Estate in Summerville, SC? December 2018

Homes for Sale in Summerville, SC

Even though we are in the midst of the beautiful holiday season, many still wonder what happened last month in real estate in Summerville! Hopefully, you are able to enjoy many of the Christmas events in Summerville. I have found these play a significant part of what makes homes for sale in Summerville  so desirable to those moving to our area.

We saw 300 homes for sale in Summerville sell after an average of 50 days on the market. The number of days it takes for a home to sell in Summerville has gone up by 6% from this time last year in 2017.  (Hear me explain why in The Fall Real Estate Market Update with Foster )

The average sales price for a home for sale in Summerville continues to climb upwards and averaged $258,362  last month, which is up eight percent compared to this time last year. According to our Summerville real estate market reports, we continue to hover at 2.5 months supply of homes for sale in Summerville .

This lack of homes for sale in Summerville, SC continues to drive our seller’s market and Summerville prices up  continue to move up. We have 13% less homes on the market this year than we did this time last year.  The average price per square foot in Summerville is around $127/square foot.

I can help you if you are interested in seeing real estate for sale in Summerville, SC ,  buying a home in the Summerville areanew home in Summerville , a historic home in Summerville or selling your Summerville home.

If you are a home seller and would like to discuss your Summerville Home and what it is worth in our market today, please e-mail me for more information or fill out this form.

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