How Long will it Take to Sell my Summerville Home?

Real Estate for Sale in Summerville, SC

“How Long will it take to sell my home?”

I get asked this question almost every time I go out on a listing appointment. It is a fair question and one that most people want to know.  While I can not guarantee a certain amount of days, after 20 years in the real estate business, I have a pretty good idea.

Each price range has its own answer to this question and I’ve seen the answer vary a lot in the past twenty years.  Currently, these are the statistics for Summerville houses on the market:

  • Houses under 150K -54 days
  • Houses between 150-250K – 46 days
  • Houses between 250-350K-71 days
  • Houses between 350-500K – 71 days
  • Houses over $500K – 93 days

Meeting with me and discussing your home will help us figure out the right price for your home and help me get it sold in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle for you.  (Read more about “What to do before you List Your Home”) 

If you are a home seller still investigating and would like to discuss your Summerville Home and what it is worth in our market today, please e-mail me for more information or fill out this form to find out what your home is worth.



Reasons to List this Fall – Chicago Tribune

The Chicago Tribune ran a an article regarding reasons to list this fall and winter.  After “Selling this Fall, What to do now…”  I thought this would also aid those of you thinking of selling.

  1. You really Need to Sell. It could be a job transfer, or it could be a need to have less house or a smaller mortgage payment at a lesser interest rate.  A homeowner who has been in a property more than FIVE years and who didn’t tap into a large home equity line of credit or a cash-out refininacing, still has a chance of coming out ahead.  Keep in mind that buyers in the market during the fourth quarter typically are serious buyers.
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