About Foster Smith

Who is Foster Smith?
Why should you let me help me in your next move?

I was the South Carolina State diving champion for 4 years.
The Silver Medalist for the entire East Coast.

I have climbed the White Mountains of New Hampshire and scaled
the treacherous El Capitain Peak of New Mexico.

I have been a Christian missionary in El Paso, Texas.

I am the father of three girls, one boy, and have been married for over 30 years to my wife Patricia. I also enjoy a wonderful son-in-law, daughter-in-law and four beautiful grandchildren!




I play golf, but can barely break 100.
However, I can still hit 22 out of 25 clay pigeons on the skeet range.

What do all these accomplishments have in common?

They make up Foster Smith.

The dedication it takes to be a champion athlete I bring to my business.

The determination it takes to be a mountain climber I put to work for you.

The understanding it takes to be a missionary brings compassion to every meeting
The joy my family gives me brings stability into my life.

The poor golf game shows I spend more time working for you than playing around. Yet my shooting ability shows that I can still hit the target.

This mix and balance allows me to be of keener service to you in your
Summerville & Charleston Real Estate needs.
If you need to sell or buy I will put my whole self into the transaction.

5 thoughts on “About Foster Smith

  1. Great website, Foster. Thank you for giving me a little insight into your personal. Makes me feel I know you before actually meeting you!

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