“We have worked with Foster for the past 16 years or so through three sales and three purchases. Obviously we are more than pleased with his experience and professionalism.”
Robert & Elizabeth Kodrzycki
Summerville, South Carolina


“Thank you Foster for everything you have done to get us to the closing table. I truly appreciate the extra effort you expended to keep Eddie and myself informed of everything throughout the entire process. Once we finally got to the table, I felt that everything went very smoothly. I can honestly say that a huge weight has finally been lifted off our shoulders. I am very glad we chose you to sell our home.”
Susan Phillips
Summerville, South Carolina


“Our experience was outstanding! As a first time homebuyer, I felt completely comfortable throughout. Foster was delightful to work with.”
Michael Lisle Jr.
Summerville, South Carolina


“Foster is absolutely wonderful. We couldn’t have gotten through the transition without him. Foster, thank you for seeing us through this!”
Ryan & Susan Anderson
Summerville, South Carolina


“Foster, We would like to thank you for your hard work and determination that resulted in finding the perfect home in an amazingly short amount of time. Friends have remarked how lucky we were to have found what we were looking for so quickly, and we tell them that actually we were lucky to have found a Realtor willing to go the extra mile for us and make it happen!”
Captain Jeffrey & Denise Gates
Summerville, South Carolina


“Foster Smith knows how to price a house.”
Todd Beson
Summerville, South Carolina


“For a family relocating from NJ to Summerville, I was comfortable to put all my trust into Foster’s hands. Everything went so smoothly.”
Charles & Mary Sue Loveland
Summerville, South Carolina


“Throughout the process, Foster always had our best interest in mind. Thanks again!”
Ray & Kay Nash
Summerville, South Carolina


“We just wanted to thank you again for all of your hard work during our recent house-hunting adventure. We never expected to get so much done in one short week!”
Dr. Mark & Lisa Greenslit
Summerville, South Carolina


“Thank you for your your patience, wisdom, and skill in all you did for us this past year to make this move a reality!!! It was more than just a job well done; for us it was helping friends accomplish a difficult, much-desired dream!”
Dan & Kathy Wall
Summerville, South Carolina


“This purchase was easy! Foster Smith and his assistant made everything happen. A usually high stress time was made simple. Thank you Foster!”
Michael Large
Summerville, South Carolina

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